Apply for Financing

Apply for Financing

If you’re looking at financing your car, you’ve got a lot of options. One option is the local bank or credit union, and we won’t discourage you from going there. In fact, we encourage you to compare rates to ensure that you’re being treated right when you buy a new car. However, another place to fill out your car loan application is Findlay Hyundai because we’ve got financing solutions for all types of buyers, so if you’re looking for auto financing, our team is ready to help you! Come to St. George from Hurricane, UT, or Mesquite, NV, and check out what we have to offer!

Buying vs. Leasing: One of the Most Important Car Buying Questions

If you’re undecided on the question of buying vs. leasing, we want to let you know that auto financing is just one of the two options you have put in front of you. Auto financing is the other, and this is how it shakes out:

  • You’ll want to buy your next vehicle (or get auto financing, in other terms) if you’re looking to stay in the game for the long haul. You’ll sign a contract that’s longer than you would for a lease, pay the loan off, then get the title of your vehicle free and clear once your debt is paid. You’ll be able to do whatever you like with your vehicle and even modify it because the vehicle is ultimately yours.
  • You’ll want to lease if you’re looking to upgrade quicker and pay less money over the life of your term. However, this is not without a few catches. While you will pay less both at signing and in your monthly payments, you have to contend with a mileage limit on your vehicle that carries overage charges if you go over, and you can’t modify your vehicle because you’re essentially renting your car for (in most cases) three years.

Come See Us in St. George

Now that you know the facts about auto financing, the team at Findlay Hyundai is ready to talk to you. Come from Cedar City, UT to St. George to have a chat with us, or contact us on our web form to get in touch with someone from our team from the comfort of your own home.